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Out Of Stock


We like give our customers the correct inventory at our best but sometimes, due to human error, there could be mistakes: orders on out-of-stock merchandises.

 If you ordered an out of stock merchandise,

1. We will double check you ordered merchandise is out-of-stock. If it is, we will refund you right away and send you an email notification stated that your order is canceled and refunded.

2. If you ordered multiple merchandises, only one or more merchandise out-of-stock and you select free shipping or paid shipping, we will refund you the merchandises are out-of-stock and ship the merchandises are in-stock. E-mail notification will be sent.

If you want to cancel your entire order, please E-mail or call us before 4:30 PM Eastern Time (EST).

Please send email to customercontact@scarfand.com and subject is your order number.

Or call us at 888.313.9299